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Leverage the power of new-age technology and transform your operations in the healthcare sector like never before. Our rich expertise in HIT consulting helps digitalize your patient records, appointment scheduling, and file storage— meeting all your compliance requirements with ease!


The Best-in-Class Healthcare IT Solutions and Experts in the Industry!

Increased customer expectations, constant regulatory updates, and the ever-dynamic market trends have given shape to the new face of the healthcare industry. Putting technology into action has become the need of the hour, and this is exactly where our dedicated healthcare consulting expertise comes into play.

At CrossAsyst, our detailed insights and effective integrations of EHR and PM systems fuel automations while significantly reducing costs. This allows you to manage patient data, store them in legible formats and build scalable systems to achieve maximum efficiency. Accelerate your growth and bring the much-needed digital revolution to your traditional healthcare operations today!

Our Focus Areas

Opt for healthcare solutions backed by dedicated technology to enhance the overall efficiency with CrossAsyst!

HIT Expertise

We at CrossAsyst build robust systems that are compliant with regulations and automate your desired functions. Unlock new levels of operational efficiency and navigate this healthcare landscape with reliable technology integrations with us!a

Integration Expertise

Our quick and structured integrations allow you to access crucial patient records and medical histories across electronic software.

This is fundamental to ensure secured data sharing with instant access to authorized users.

Electronic Health Record(EHR)

Securing the Protected Health Information (PHI) and providing patients with integrated records of their treatment helps establish trust. You must assist the patients with their ongoing health status and keep track of their progress made over time with efficient Electronic Health Records. We help you integrate dedicated EHR systems to get all your patient data in one place. Our EHR integration provides :

  • Detailed patient demographics and key problem areas
  • Current and past medication lists with the entire patient history
  • Clinical documents and notes on individual patient cases
  • Guidelines and protocols for specific patient care
  • Record patient-specific instructions for the treatment

We implement cloud-based EHR integrations where data can be accessed on multiple devices and allows data backup. An effective EHR system in place is integral to improving decision-making amongst clinicians.

At CrossAsyst, we strive to blend advanced IT solutions into your mainstream population health management techniques to boost productivity. We work towards providing a comprehensive system that encompasses all spheres of population heath management, including :

Population Health Management System

  • Quality and safety of records
  • Detailed view of public health
  • Chronic care management
  • Health policies

Now you can opt for a cost-effective way to maintain your population’s health status with our PM system integrations today!


Discover what sets us at CrossAsyst apart from the rest in the HIT industry!

HIPAA Compliant Team

Our dedicated teams of experts make sure all your HIPAA compliance requirements are met. The systems keep up with the regulatory laws and prevent the misuse of crucial patient data. PHI is kept secure within limited users and is updated in real-time for medical reference.

HIPAA laws are regulatory standards that govern the disclosure of protected health information. HIPAA compliance is essential for your seamless operation in the industry, and this is precisely where we can help you! While providing you with state-of-the-art technological system solutions to digitalize patient data, we make sure that our HIPAA-compliant teams work with you. This helps to keep up with the laws while maintaining the confidentiality of critical patient data. We outline and follow several aspects to ensure HIPAA compliance, including :

  • Well-drafted procedures, written policies, and established standards of conduct
  • Regular training and awareness amongst team members
  • Open lines of communication to avoid misunderstandings
  • Keeping a vigilant check with a dedicated compliance officer and a compliance committee
  • Quick responses to identified offenses and taking corrective actions for the future
  • Constant monitoring and auditing for enforcing standards

With our professional teams at CrossAsyst, we help you build a living culture that does not let you compromise on crucial patient data without their knowledge and consent!

Reach out for the most advanced IT solutions and change the face of healthcare to skyrocket your productivity!