Cloud Engineering

Establish secured access to your data and meet the requirements for increased network loads with the cost-efficient Cloud engineering services by Crossasyst!


Leverage the power of the Cloud using strategic product development and engineering to scale your business efficiently!

The ever-growing hype around Cloud engineering has led businesses to shift gears and adopt the technology to enhance their engineering arm. Transforming the current development approaches, Cloud engineering brings a fundamental discipline to streamline your Cloud-based systems. Cloud is prioritized amongst the top 3 business investments by a third of digital companies.
This is one of the reasons why Cloud engineering is no longer seen just as an extension of your technical tool stack but as an integral pillar of the entire system. We at CrossAsyst offer comprehensive Cloud engineering advisory and services that your business needs at an easy, pay-as-you-go pricing model!

Our Services

Choose the Cloud engineering services that envelope the development of advanced, Cloud-based systems along with re-engineering the existing setups to make them Cloud-friendly!

Our Expertise

Kickstart your Cloud-adoption journey and match the dynamic demands of your ever-growing business with us at CrossAsyst!

Multiple Cloud Support

To fuel your business operations, we leverage multi-Cloud like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud that distribute the load of applications. We hold expertise in combining public, private, and edge clouds to provide you with customized solutions!

Our seasoned professionals at Crossasyst also guide and suggest to you the most suitable Cloud platforms that are apt for your requirements!

Experienced Talent

Working on Cloud-based systems is not child’s play, and thus, it must be handled by people with rich experience. Our dedicated teams of skilled professionals have been in the field for many years and now bring their core insights into action.

Since you are dealing with the experts of the industry, we also put forward the perfect proven strategies that can revolutionize your operations like never before.

Cloud and DevOps Culture

We build constructive Cloud & DevOps culture, which brings the business aspect of the brand to sync with the technological view.

Our core CloudOps accelerate the best practices to be followed throughout the system. This is pivotal in offering an enhanced digital experience to all. This gives your business the much-needed boost that it requires to unlock improved efficiencies while adopting Cloud.

Enhance Security and Compliance

We understand the growing needs of your business and thus ensure vigilant security standards to keep up with your compliance needs. Most businesses on a global level must maintain regulatory compliance, and this is where we help you!

Starting from the strategies developed for product architectures to their successful implementation, we at CrossAsyst make sure that you stay compliant throughout!

Flexible Engagement

Cloud computing technology offers a flexible operating model that overcomes the challenges of improving agility & scalability while addressing governance and monetary challenges. While these advancements are crucial to be integrated with your systems, one can lack the exact resources to get them.

With our flexible models of engagement, you can easily shift to Cloud without spending much!

Do you wish to grow strong in the Cloud? We at Crossasyst are here to help!