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Social Media Marketing

Social media can be one of the most effective channels for growing your business. Think of it as word of mouth for the internet. Ever send a friend an email recommending a good place to eat? Wouldnít it be great if your customers did that for you? Same idea! Now there are more ways of doing it through Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.

From reviews and tweets, to status updates and likes, the influence of this channel lies in its ability to facilitate bona fide conversations between people and organizations. This naturally human way of interacting makes social media a natural extension of any business. Social media tools enable friends and customers to ask questions, give answers, share articles, and suggest videos that they find valuable.

Social media marketing follows the old adage that one must give in order to receive. By following that principal, and adopting the heart of a teacher, social media makes it easy for businesses to reach out and help prospective customers as a first step toward building trust and earning their business.

Social media works best as a normal conversation:

  • Everyone shares a common interest (Keep your discussion relevant to the interest of the group).
  • Each person is considerate of others (stay on topic and donít make it all about ďME, ME, ME!Ē).
  • Everyone has the opportunity to freely offer ideas (Stay positive Ė donít argue for the sake of argument).
  • Each person is considerate of others (Be polite Ė donít slam someone elseís comment).
  • There is value in carrying on the discussion (Offer another point of view or share something that others might not know).

Not all social media tools were created equally so we work with you to determine the best way to use social media to grow your business. While many of the methods are free, adding value by answering questions, creating content, and offering ideas that help others, takes effort. We help you to draw up a plan that makes the most sense for your community that keeps the conversation timely, relevant, and valuable.

Social media isnít all about telling, itís also about listening. While creating content and providing helpful information is an important part, monitoring what others say about your organization will give you an opportunity to understand your perception in the market and respond when appropriate to help shape that perception.

Social Media marketing