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Product Development

CrossAsyst provides key decisions in deciding about product and service propositions and their release strategies based on the key elements of the respective business models. The constraints and requirements set by the business model and the development process are reconciliated through release strategy. We employ the six best practices of software development which can be distilled from science and practice.

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Manual Testing

Quality Assurance

At CrossAsyst Technologies, testing is emphasized as one of the most vital aspects of the application lifecycle. Testing is a specialized functional discipline that needs people with appropriate experience, specialization skills and tools to increasing productivity, consistency, and repeatability of software.

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Social Media Marketing


E-marketing must be defined to include the management of the consumerís online experience of the product, from first encounter through purchase to delivery and beyond. Digital marketers should care about the consumerís online experiences for the simple reason that all of them -- good, bad, or indifferent -- influence consumer perceptions of a product or a brand. The web offers companiesí ownership and control of all interactions with customers and thus creates both the ability and the need to improve their overall experience.

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