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Search Engine Optimization

For any given search you will be presented with hundreds of pages of results. And at the end of the day, most people don’t pay any attention to the results beyond the first page and rarely beyond the first half of that page. Why? Because the process of searching online is actually a process of elimination – and what’s easier than eliminating the least relevant results? Clicking “Back” and moving on to the next one or trying a different search altogether.

The fact is that businesses want to be near the top of the results for the phrases most relevant to their products. And because search engines are extraordinarily sophisticated programs that are changing constantly, there are no magic formulas to achieving high search engine results. However, there are genuine practices (e.g. cleaner site code, better organized content) that, if implemented properly, will result in top rankings.

Clients who hire my team for a six-month campaign see a 200% increase in search engine-related traffic. We understand what search engines are looking for and know how to use legitimate optimization techniques, not black hat tricks, to achieve better rankings and match you with the customers most interested in your services.