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Think of remarketing as reminders for your customers. Once a prospective customer has visited and then left your website, remarketing allows you to show that visitor display advertising as they browse other websites. These display, or banner advertisements, can simply reinforce your brand or can intelligently deliver a creative or message based upon what pages or products your customer visited.

Imagine finding the perfect gift for your spouse, or a service that might really help your company, and saying I like it, but Ill come back to it later. What usually happens? You might forget or move on to something else you like. However, if you are instead reminded a few times over the next few days of the product you were interested in, you will be more likely to go back and seal the deal.

We help our clients integrate remarketing with their existing paid advertising campaigns as well as email subscription lists. Want to email a group of clients about a new product and follow up with display banners just for that audience? It can be done with remarketing and we can show you how.

Remarketing can also be used for search keywords through Google and for segmenting customers and targeting them for add-on products or services.